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  Penetration Testing

Securing a network is simply not enough. To secure your network but then neglect to perform routine penetration testing of it is tantamount to buying a lock and never checking that it can't be opened.

A network penetration test is the process of actively evaluating your information security measures by simulating an attack by a malicious hacker. This process involves an active analysis of the system for any weaknesses, technical flaws or vulnerabilities. The simulated attack is carried out from the position of a potential attacker, and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities are then analyzed to assist in the development of a plan to restructure security policy and systems based on findings of the tests.

Organizations perform penetration tests for myriad reasons. Among them:

  • Identify threats facing the organization's information assets so that the risk can be accurately quantified, thus justifying adequate information security expenditure
  • Reduce organizations IT security costs and provide a better return on IT security investment
  • Locate and resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses which may be known vulnerabilities in the underlying technologies or weaknesses in the design or implementation.
  • Provide a thorough and comprehensive assessment of organizational security covering policy, procedure, design and implementation.
  • Maintain and acquire certification to an industry regulation (BS7799, HIPAA etc).
  • Adopt best practice by conforming to legal and industry regulations.

Focus Technologies is a leading provider of penetration testing services. We operate within the recommendations of all the relevant standards, work from a documented methodology, and because of our world-class research and development function, we are able to provide an unequalled process for the detection and resolution of security vulnerabilities.

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