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  Step One : Zero Cost Migrations

Chances are, if you're reading this, you have an existing relationship with some kind of IT service provider. Whether it be a 'trusty computer guy' or an IT consulting company, your systems need support, and as of this moment, things are running.

The thing is, there is a problem when your IT awareness starts and stops at "it runs." The issue being that there are several different ways to keep systems running, many of them extremely irresponsible and risky. While waiting for things to break is one option to find out, there are others, the simplest being to ask your current IT solutions provider to present you with the following:

  • Detailed hardware inventory
  • Detailed vendor and warranty information
  • Software and licensing database
  • Network configuration documentation
  • Backup procedure documentation
  • Backup procedure evaluation methodology and results
  • User configuration database
  • Emergency shutdown procedure and test results
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Server configuration documentation
  • Internal security audit methodology and results
  • Wireless security audit methodology and results
  • Penetration Testing methodology and results

More likely than not, a large majority of the above will not be available to you. What does that mean?

Its very simple: Too many businesses fail take their IT seriously. Give us a call, no free estimates, no run arounds. Gain access to professional solutions for South Florida business; here and now.

Focus Technologies Corporation teams will not only analyze and document, they will bring your IT implementations to a standard baseline, reparing, reconfiguring, and stabilizing your information technology investment, aligning your IT dollars with your business goals and providing quantifiable results to prove it.

Work faster and more reliably knowing that your information technology investments are being managed for the good of your business.

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