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From basic trouble shooting to advanced repairs, your solution for all of your desktop support needs

Industry researchers have determined that full utilization of an in-house IT technician is attained at the 50 user level. In a business with 25 employees, a full time IT technician is idle for approximately 50% of his or her work week. As a result, an average of $25,000 is wasted annually in misappropriated wages.

Business administrators realize that IT issues arise on a daily basis. Some organizations rely on office employees to double as IT technicians, resulting in lost productivity and questionable solutions to complex problems. Other businesses have adopted a part-time approach to IT staff, though it becomes clear that one-man IT consultants handling numerous part-time clients often become over-extended and effectively incapacitated.

By utilizing individuals rather than firms, businesses unknowingly introduce a pivotal point of failure in their IT continuity chain. Redundant servers and disaster recovery plans are of little use without qualified personnel to undertake the tasks necessary.

The dependability, versatility, and accountability required by businesses today can only be obtained through the use of experienced, financially stable consulting firms, such as Focus Technologies Corp. Our staff of highly trained IT professionals is dedicated to serving the IT needs of our clients. Focus Technologies provides in-house IT results at a fraction of the cost, providing our clients with the maximum return from their technology investments.
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