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"...70% of businesses intend to deploy wireless networks in the next 12 months; most admit they don’t understand the security implications..."

As businesses increase their reliance on wireless networks to keep their offices connected, they also increase their vulnerability to network attacks. Experts estimate that a wireless network equipped with basic security measures can be compromised within twenty minutes. The task now faced by managers is to provide employees with the speed, mobility, and freedom of wireless network access without increasing the risk of network intrusion and information theft.

An improperly secured wireless network poses serious threats to your organization. Hackers use wireless technology to their advantage, gaining easy access to network computers, printers, and documents.

An effective wireless security system executes two important tasks: providing network administrators with the ability to control network access and controlling communication visibility to prevent outside eyes from seeing the information sent and received over the network.

Reacting to the increased risk levels associated with wireless networks, many organizations have reverted to a "wired only" approach to technology infrastructure. These businesses lose the mobility and ease-of-use that increase productivity and efficiency.

Focus Technologies provides safe, secure, cost-effective wireless solutions for businesses that demand the most from their technology investments. We identify the specific wireless needs of our clients and evaluate security threats on a case-by-case basis. Armed with this information, we merge the benefits of a wireless infrastructure with the network security our clients demand.

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