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Define the threats, implement the solutions


Businesses are unique entities which require customized security policies designed for their specific security needs. A comprehensive security policy protects networks from viruses and other malicious internet attacks, unauthorized user access, and data theft.

To adequately protect their networks, organizations must define the scope and objectives of their security policy. Assets requiring protection must be identified and their specific security needs defined.

A comprehensive security policy employs firewalls, endpoint security measures, advanced user identification, network monitoring and exhaustive testing of implemented security measures. Effective security policies are not "out of the box" products; they are the end result of professional risk evaluation and broad ranging implementation.

Focus Technologies offers unrivaled security policy solutions. We identify the risks faced by our clients, define the threat, and implement effective solutions. Our industry-leading staff of security experts provides vigilant monitoring and penetration testing to catch potential issues before they become problematic.
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