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Total protection, from every point of access


The protection offered by perimeter security is no longer enough. While an effective firewall is still a business' best defense against threats originating outside of their network, advances in technology such as portable USB storage devices and shared wireless hot spots have made even trusted client devices potential carriers of damaging files and programs. Industry experts have recognized the recent increase in internal network threats.

Endpoint security addresses threats to your network that perimeter security cannot. Specifically, endpoint security programs evaluate the individual computers and other devices logging onto your network, ensuring that they are free from harmful files and programs before granting access. A comprehensive system of perimeter and endpoint security provides protection at all of your network's points of access.

Focus Technologies is a leading provider of perimeter and endpoint security. We recognize that network protection is crucial to the success of our clients, and design customized defense systems that secure all potential sources of network intrusion. When perimeter and endpoint security policies are implemented in a coordinated defense system, they deliver the highest possible level of protection for your network.
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