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The benefits of granular access control

Need to know. A principle used to secure information and compartmentalize business exposure. Even if a position within a company implies unfettered access to company information, the individual occupying this position should not actually be able to access that information unless they have an explicit  need to know : that is, unless their day to day job activities require access to the data.

Business administrators understand the benefits of granular access control, but in practice, a majority of IT administrators shy against implementing user-level rights management because it is challenging to do so without inconveniencing legitimate access.

The principle aims of need to know are twofold: to discourage "browsing" of sensitive material and to permit compartmentalization of a business' exposure in the event of the loss or theft of user access credentials.

Access control lists are fundamental parts of all network operating systems, and can be used to enforce need to know at little or no cost in added infrastructure.

In some situations, the over-complication of file security levels reduces productivity and increases administrative overhead to such a degree that this very important aspect of security is deliberately neglected.

Managing access permissions in your organization does not have to be challenging or cumbersome. Focus Technologies has developed a proven process for defining, implementing, and maintaining rights management for businesses. Our process has allowed companies to maintain their data security - without increasing their monthly information security expenses.

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