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When Passwords Aren't Enough
Companies with elevated exposure require user authentication that can step up to the challenge.

Corporate networks often have hundreds or thousands of valid user login credentials. To a hacker, this represents countless opportunities to acquire stolen login information and gain total access to the hardware and information stored on a chosen company network. Business managers recognize the serious nature of this threat and take steps to minimize their firm's exposure.

Advanced authentication protects networks by requiring a more complex system of user verification than a simple username and password. Two-factor authentication delivers unprecedented confidence in user credentials by requiring two independent means of identity verification. Widely used two-factor systems require the user to swipe an identity card or attach a USB key to a computer before prompting the user for his or her login information.

Two-factor authentication has become the preferred method of user credential verification at banks and ATMs, government buildings, and high-level security offices.

Focus Technologies designs and implements advanced authentication systems, providing our clients with complete control over who can access their organizations' sensitive documents and technology investments. Our staff is composed of industry leaders in network and data security who deliver the customized user verification solutions businesses need to maintain a secure network infrastructure.
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