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Comprehensive Monitoring
Identifying issues before they become problems

Vigilant server and network monitoring is an integral component of any IT business plan. Performance degradation can originate at a number of sources, including applications, users, servers, and networks.

With effective event and performance monitoring, businesses are alerted immediately in the case of performance degradation. The root-cause of performance problems are identified and isolated, allowing the server to return to regular performance while an IT technician repairs the reported trouble.

Event and performance monitoring also maintains a close watch on server availability thresholds, alerting system administrators when server availability is near capacity. This information not only prevents network overload, but also assists in forecasting necessary server expansions and upgrades by providing a detailed history of server use.

Focus Technologies offers comprehensive event and performance monitoring services, maintaining an acute watch on your technology investment's performance. We take a proactive approach to performance solutions, addressing potential server problems before they can negatively impact our clients. Event and performance monitoring solutions from Focus Technologies mean that your technology investments are watched over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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