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Backups restore data, disaster recovery plans restore the ability to transact business.

In the wake of recent natural disasters that have devastated many regions of the world, business managers have recognized the integral role disaster recovery planning plays in ensuring the continued operation and success of their businesses. Disaster recovery planning is essential to creating a solid, sustainable platform from which your business can resume operations in the aftermath of the unexpected.

Companies need more than just data backup to guarantee an expedient recovery from hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, and tornadoes. Safe, recoverable data is virtually useless without a system in place to help you access that data in any situation. A thorough disaster recovery plan will restore your ability to conduct business in the aftermath of nature's worst.

Focus Technologies develops innovative disaster recovery solutions to help our clients weather any storm. The disaster recovery experts on our staff perform individual risk assessments and identify the equipment, personnel, and data that are instrumental to our clients' organizations. We then develop comprehensive recovery plans to ensure that personnel have access to the hardware and data they need to rapidly resume business operations. Armed with a proven system of data security and backup, remote data access, and customized business continuity plans, our clients are prepared for whatever the future may bring.
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