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Most businesses today perform backups without applying accurate metrics to quantify risk.

Companies understand the need for reliable data backup, yet seldom investigate the variations in costs, capabilities, and limitations offered by different backup systems. The term backup means many things to many people, and when dealing with something as invaluable as your business, the margin of variation can be extremely costly.

There are many backup solutions to choose from, and companies must understand their specific needs to select the method best suited to their organizations. For many, a disk-based backup provides comprehensive, accessible backup storage. Tape libraries offer administrators on-demand access to securely stored data.

Some organizations utilize virtual tape drives and virtual libraries, which offer the accessibility of hard-tape systems while eliminating extensive tape libraries. In digital format, organizations have virtually infinite storage capacity and the ability to instantly restore important files in the event of data loss.

A successful backup involves knowledge of the technology, awareness of the needs, comprehensive implementation, and thorough testing and validation. A backup that has not been rigorously tested is no backup at all.

Focus Technologies assesses our clients' backup needs, and identifies the backup solution best fitted to their organization. Our qualified staff of industry experts design and implement backup solutions that keep our clients' data secure.
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